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The GhanAM Scholarship Foundation was established in 2013 to promote post-secondary education and responsible citizenship in the Ghanaian community in Minnesota.

Foundation funds are raised annually under the auspices of GhanAM for the scholarship awards to deserving applicants.

The Foundation also allocates some of the raised funds to a Scholarship Endowment to build a substantial resource from which future proceeds can be awarded as scholarships.

Applications will be accepted by July 31, 2016 from those who meet the above eligibility requirements. Applications will only be reviewed if

ALL qualifying materials are presented.

A complete application package consist of the following

Scholarship awards take into account student financial need, academic merit, social responsibility and the socio-economic diversity of the program. The requirements for winning an ward includes the timely and satisfactory completion of all application materials as defined in the application forms and the instructions listed below.

All Ghanaians or relatives of Ghanaians who are residents of Minnesota and are students at a college, university, trade school or similar post secondary institution may submit an application for a

GhanAM Scholarship Award.

The primary aim of the foundation is to support the best efforts of our youth to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to do well in academia, compete successfully in the professional sector and give back to their community as well-informed and responsible citizens.

In order to promote these objectives the GhanAM Scholarship  Foundation carries out the following activities:

It provides modest financial assistance to qualified students applicants to continue and complete their education.

It provides mentoring to motivate students to further their education.

If provides volunteering and other opportunities for students to learn and practice responsible citizenship

It provides opportunities for internship to enrich the

educational experience.

  1. 1.A filled scholarship application form

  2. 2.A consent to release of academic records.

  3. 3.A resume

  4. 4.A typed essay of 300 to 500 words (12 point font) highlighting the following items :

Applications should be submitted to GhanAM by regular mail or email

e-mail :

GhanAM ( Academic Foundation )

7200 Brooklyn Blvd

Brooklyn Center MN 55429

Click below for a copy of Application form.

  1. a.Where do you see your place in the community after graduation.

  2. b.Academic accomplishments and achievements

  3. c.Academic and long-term professional goals.

  4. d.Specific steps planned to achieve long term goals.

  5. e.Community involvement.

  6. f.Leadership abilities and skills including effective team building

  7. g.Leadership experiences


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