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Strategic Plan


This strategic plan was undertaken by GhanAM to ensure that the mission, goals and objectives of the Association are continually relevant to the needs and aspirations of the Ghanaians in Minnesota.


The Mission of GhanAM is to unite the people of Ghanaian heritage residing in Minnesota, to pursue common goals that enrich our lives, enable us to maintain and promote our heritage and culture, and to make meaningful contributions towards the economic growth Ghana, Minnesota and the United States.


In the YEAR 2013, The Ghanaian Association of Minnesota would be an organization strongly connected to its Ghanaian roots, culture, and community. GhanAM attracts and engages its members through a variety of services on issues such as health, immigration process and opportunities for education advancement. Financial and group insurance would be offered to members and its cultural education and programs not only reach Ghanaian youth but also the broader mainstream community. As a kind of ‘umbrella’ organization, it is looked to byfellow Ghanaian organization for leadership and guidance and ensures the Ghanaian voice is heard in the mainstream community.

Goals and strategies

Goal 1:

Provide programs and services that are needed in the Ghanaian community.


        • Appoint a Committee to guide the identification and selection of programs.
        • Conduct a survey or interviews with members on their needs and what programs they are most likely to use and support.
        • Develop a process for deciding which projects to invest in that engages the membership.
        • Find knowledgeable groups to deliver the program.
        • Create a fundraising plan for programs/workshops


Goal 2:

Effectively communicate and collaborate with other Ghanaian organizations to attract members and participation from the broader Ghanaian Community


        • Communicate and make Ghanaian programs available to other organizations so they implement it in their own programs.
        • Create ways to open GhanAM and make it inviting, attractive to members of the Ghanaian Community.


Goal 3:

Strengthen the infrastructure of GhanAM to ensure the Board and Committees work effectively to implement strategic goals.


        • Committees have the resources and guidance they need to be successful.
        • Create minimal standards and policies, operating procedures, forms and reports and official letterheads.
        • Develop a website and newsletter to communicate with members and ensure key documents are available to all.


Goal 4:

Strengthen commitment and better involve members of GhanAM


        • Set up and maintain a feedback mechanism that helps leaders to hear from members about their interests and needs and what would increase their involvement.
        • Educate members of their responsibilities and rights through orientation.
        • Encourage members and executives to attend and support others member’s functions.


Goal 5:

Diversify financial resources for GhanAM



        • Enforce payment of dues.
          1. Expand individual giving from members by encouraging members to donate to the organization and take advantage of matching funds from members’s companies.
          2. •Solicit funds from likely funders for our projects and programs.
          3. •Identify fund raising events
        • Monitoring and Updates

The Board and key volunteers of the GhanAM are committed to ongoing monitoring and yearly updating of the strategic plan. To that end, we will set up annual review sessions. In monitoring our progress we will consider how well we met the overall or yearly goals in the plan and what contribution to or impeded our progress. We will also review whether the vision, goals, and particular strategies remain sound or if adjustments should be made.

The annual updates process will include a reassessment of opportunities and threats, strengths and weakness or challenges, and critical issues facing the organization. This process will include input from the various stakeholders. The plan update will effect any changes or additional in goals and strategies, services and staffing and provide financial projections and implementation steps for the coming year.